The word no. Usually we interpret no to mean rejection or some negative meaning that might stop us or slow us down from making the amount of sales calls that would coincide with the amount of money we want to earn. We’ve “made up” our meaning to no to mean rejection. Because we’re not in love with being rejected, we are going to stay away from conversations that might denote a no response. So we’ll be taking less actions, which will mean less results toward our goals.

New Meanings

As a sales person or small business owner you need to change your meaning to the word no. Definition of Sales/Enrollment: Having someone do something for their highest good. As a Success Coach for almost twenty five years I have been teaching my Coaching Clients a new meaning to the word no. The new meaning I want you to have to no is: “They don’t yet see the value of what I’m proposing to them.” That’s why people do things, because they see the value in doing it. Why they don’t do something has nothing to do with you personally, unless of course you say it’s rejection then it will be personal. If you say it’s because they don’t yet see the value, you can then spend your time on having them see the value rather than on having it be about you.

Sowing and Reaping

Keep your meaning to no be a meaning that empowers you (moves you forward toward your goals), rather than a meaning that dis-empowers you (keeps you from moving forward toward your goals), and you will be taking a lot more actions toward your goals, thereby creating a lot more of your goals. Sow (prospect) abundantly, Reap (sell) abundantly. Sow (prospect) sparingly, Reap (sell) sparingly.

Focus Out

Another way we experience the feeling of rejection is when we make it about us rather than making it about the prospect. When we focus in on ourselves we take more things that happen personal. When we focus on the prospect; “How can I assist them in achieving their goals, needs and/or desires,” we are less likely to take no personally, and do more to have the prospect see the value in what our product or service can do for them.


“What you practice, you get good at.” Practice the techniques stated above and watch how much more willing you are to be talking to more people about your product or service. Practice doing the same things you’ve been doing regarding your talking to the amount of people you’ve been talking to and you will have the same results you’ve had. Not that it’s bad or wrong, it’s just going to keep you where you are in your sales volume. Start today to create within you the “meanings” that will have you SOW abundantly and watch what you create now and into your future, and watch how much more you will ENJOY your selling experiences, and how much more you will be helping others attain their goals, dreams and desires!