Let’s explore the concept of Attitude and Altitude. In this case “Your attitude determines your altitude.” First, let’s look at what we mean when we speak of attitude. Your attitude is where you operate from; your predominant thoughts and conversations. How you see something or envision something, either in the past, the present, or the future. How you see yourself and your abilities. Your attitude is “made up” by you. Now, it may have been shaped by your experiences in your life, or by what evidence you’ve used to create your attitude, but it is “made up”, using whatever information you choose to use. Once it’s “made up” you will then find more evidence to be RIGHT about why your attitude is correct.
We Spiritual Beings on a Human journey are right machines. We create something in our mind and then go out to collect the evidence to support our being right. It’s kind of an unwritten “Law of the Universe.” It coincides with the “Law of Attraction.” Like attracts like; Meaning, that if your attitude is predominately negative you will attract negative results in your life. If your attitude is predominately positive you will attract positive results in your life. The Eastern Religions and Philosophies call this Karma. Psychics say: Every action creates a subsequent reaction. The Christian Religion says: If you believe and say to the mountain move, the mountain will move. Modern Philosophers say: Whatever the mind can believe and conceive it will achieve. However it is said it all comes down to the same thing, “Like Attracts Like!” That’s what is meant by, your attitude determines your altitude; Altitude being how high you will go in life. If you have a negative attitude you can expect to have negative results in your life. You may not like that fact, yet it is the way that it is.
As with all the “Laws of the Universe”, you may not like them yet they still exist as they are, whether you like them or not. Therefore because they are, you NEED to learn them and then live “inside” those Laws to make them work for you and what you are up to in life. The Law of Attraction (Like Attracts Like) means that you have to have a positive attitude if you want to attract positive results. How do we determine if an attitude or thought is positive or negative? If it isn’t lining up with what we want, it’s negative; If it’s lining up with what we want it’s positive. Because we make up our thoughts and attitudes, we NEED to make sure they are consistent with what we want in our life and if they’re not we need to change them so that they are. That means we need to continuously speak and think into existence, in the present moment, the future we want to attain, and we need to speak and think it “as if” it’s already here. (Positive Affirmations and Positive Feelings) We then NEED to take actions consistent with what we want, and we will attain what we want more often than not.
It’s that simple; Easy no, simple yes. What makes a simple process easy is when we continuously practice the simple process. Start practicing talking, thinking, believing that which you want in life is already here. Start practicing taking MASSIVE actions toward that which you want in life and you will attract to you that which you want. Continuously work on your attitude. Call yourself up to be operating from a Spirit of Play, a Positive Attitude, and Empowering conversations to yourself and others, and have FUN taking the actions to get there. When you consistently operate from a positive attitude your Goals, Dreams, and Desires will be realized with more ease and less effort. You deserve the life you want, now go out and CREATE it!