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Clement Pepe, Founder and President of Power Technology and Power Technology Coaching Academy

Power Technology Coaching Academy

For over a quarter of a century Power Technology has been successfully coaching clients utilizing a specialized program for Success. We are now opening our doors to share those secrets through our Coaching Academy to those who want to create a successful coaching business.

Flying Kites

Mercedes Pepe, Vice President Power Technology and Power Technology Coaching Academy

If you have thought of a Coaching Profession as a way to make a great living and make a difference in other’s lives, the Academy will one on one train you, certify you and coach you to be a professional.  Our Academy’s proven program for success is an intensive 3 step process that can be learned and used by the end of your training program.

Power Technology Coaching Academy will teach and certify you how to be a Successful Life Coach utilizing its’ proven program for running your own successful Life Coaching business, where there are no glass ceilings. Now, more people can be taught the secrets we have uncovered over the years.

The Academy believes there are 3 steps to a successful business.

Knowing the technical part of the business.

You need to be a master at the technical end of your business in order for others to be successfully coached. Just like any professional needs to master their craft in order to be successful.

Being able to sell the prospective client on hiring you.

You need to be able to sell others on hiring you. If you have a Coaching practice and you know how to do it yet you can’t get others to agree to hire you, you’re not going to be successful.

Managing your time and the money you make from your business.

You need to have effective time/priority management. You need to know how to charge, when to charge and what your chosen rate will be.

Without all three of these steps being consistently practiced the business won’t succeed to its fullest potential. Power Technology Coaching Academy teaches you how to master all three steps to a successful business.

You will be taught the technical aspect of the Academy’s coaching program and how to teach others how to be successful.

You’ll be taught how to sell/enroll clients into having you be their coach. (Definition of Sales/Enrollment: Having someone do something for their highest good.

You will learn how to manage your money and your time to be much more effective in your coaching practice.


This is a one-on-one in office or telephone training designed to teach you all the tools necessary to make you a certified Success/Life Coach; with the abilities to earn a great living doing what most people love to do; contribute to another and help them attain their goals, dreams and desires. You’ll learn directly from, and be certified by Clement Pepe, using his method of coaching that he pioneered in 1992.

This is not a 3 to 5 day program, or an online program without the personal support of your teacher, or where you’re guided to an online chat room where you’re trying to figure things out with the other students who are also in the process of learning. It’s also not where you walk out with a coaching certificate and you’re on your own to build your business. We at the Academy assist you in all aspects of building your new business.

Have you ever been to a seminar or a group training event and got all excited during the training that you were going to make so many things happen and two or three days later you reverted back to the old way and forgot what the seminar was all about? That’s what sometimes happens to people who go to seminars or go to Group Trainings. The Academy training is one on one to teach you personally and specifically how to be effective as a Success/Life Coach. You will get personal training and coaching from Clement Pepe regarding all the aspects of making you very successful now and into your future as a Success/Life Coach.