If you want to learn how and be certified as a successful Success Coach, learn from one of the Pioneers in the coaching profession.

Breakdown of the Power Technology Coaching Academy Program

The Power Technology Coaching Program is a 3-6 month intensive program, designed to teach you how to be a successful Success Coach and to certify you as such. You will receive weekly one-on-one training calls with Clement Pepe. You will be given and taught tools, charts, diagrams and other material to help you understand the program, master the program and to help you in turn teach the program to your coaching clients for their success in what they came to you to attain.

When the course is completed you will enter into a one month coaching program, at no additional charge, with Clement Pepe, founder and owner of Power Technology Coaching for over 26 years, to kick-start your career by learning and practicing all the principles and practices to build your practice now and into your future.

Your success is the Academy’s success!