If you want to learn how and be certified as a successful Success Coach, learn from one of the Pioneers in the coaching profession.

Myths about being a success coach.

I need to start my coaching practice by coaching people for free?

Not so. What you will learn from Power Technology Coaching Academy will give you the tools and the certification to charge your clients whatever you decide as soon as you’ve completed the training. As part of your training you will be coached how to earn a great living as a success coach starting with your first client. You can call yourself a Success Coach or a Life Coach, whatever suits your business.

I can take a success coach training that I can complete in two weeks or so?

You probably can but you won’t learn the tools, techniques, practices and principles that you will learn from Power Technology Coaching Academy. Our purpose is to have you be a Success Coach that can build and sustain a coaching practice that will be your lifelong career if you choose it to be. Another purpose of Power Technology Coaching Academy is for as many people to learn the tools that you as a success coach will be taught by Clement and have them available to successfully coach your clients. That can’t be done in 2 weeks. Just like building the body you want,it can’t be done in two weeks.

I can pay a lot less and get coaching training that would make me a success coach and cost me less?

Yes you can, but here’s where the old adage comes in; you get what you pay for. Being trained by Clement Pepe of Power Technology Coaching Academy will be the best investment you’ve ever made if you do it the way we’ve set it up to be done. We don’t want this training to cost you a dime. We want it to be a very lucrative decision that will change your life for the better and have you out in the world making a tremendous difference with the clients you coach. Think of it as buying a business and having the owner of the business training you, mentoring you and coaching you how to have that business be successful. That’s what Clement and Power Technology Coaching Academy will do for you.

Anyone can be a coach?

Anyone could probably be anything. The key is being successful at what you do. Clement has been a coach for over a quarter of a century making very good money doing it,enjoying his life while teaching his clients how to be, do or have what they said they wanted utilizing the tools Clement has taught them. There are certain attributes needed to be an effective and successful Success Coach. Clement will teach them to you and then Coach you to your success.

Can I save money if I do group success training?

You may save money initially but you’ll lose money over your lifetime. Seminar training or group training on anything is not as effective as one-on-one personal training. Most people who go to seminars get all excited about what they are learning and are excited about changing their lives through the information in the seminar but usually about 3 to 4 days after the seminar they forget what they learned and fall back into the same routine or in some cases go backwards. That’s why Clement’s Power Technology Coaching Program has always been one-on-one coaching and why it’s been successful with the clients that have been coached over the many years Clement has been coaching. That’s the reason Power Technology Coaching Academy is one-on-one coach training so that you the student are the main focus for the success you want to attain by being a success coach.

Why do people hire a success coach?

Primarily they have an area or areas of their life they want to improve on or build upon. It could be areas like their financial situation, their inner being such as confidence or self-esteem, better communication skills, their spiritual walk, their relationships, their career, their organizational skills, their time/ priority management skills, their marriage, their behavior patterns, conquering procrastination or avoidance, they’re not taking consistent action toward their goals, their inner conflicts within themselves. They may need someone to be accountable to beside themselves. They may be stopping themselves from their goals, dreams and desires. They may want one thing but are doing nothing or little to get it. They may want to change careers or occupations. They may want to go beyond where they’re stopping themselves. They may want to see their blind spots or where they’re not being as effective as they can be. In most cases whatever the reason, what you will learn is how to have them manifest their goals dreams and aspirations by utilizing your coaching services.

Is everyone who applies to Power Technology Coaching Academy going to be accepted?

No. There will be certain requirements needed before we will be willing to train you through Power Technology Coaching Academy to use Clement’s proven method for successful success coaching. We are committed to have you win and your potential clients win by what you will learn at Power Technology Coaching Academy. If we feel that’s not going to happen we won’t accept you into the program. Everyone is welcome to apply, not everyone will be accepted.