“If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” What that means to me is that no matter what is going on out in your Universe (everything outside of you) it’s up to you to still create what you said you want. Not like pressure, burden, stress, obligation, etc. but like looking at what “is” and coming from your POWER declaring and acting upon what your commitments are and not what the circumstances are.


Circumstances are those things like: The economy, the competition, your financial situation at this time, family, friends, time, the past, etc. When you let those circumstances be in charge, you’ve given up your power to those circumstances; Power to act in alignment with your goals, power to enroll your prospects or clients into what will be beneficial to them, power to be consistently taking effective actions toward your goals, etc.


A Powerful quote is only as good as it stands unless you know how to work with the quote in order to have it work for you. In my Success Coaching practice I have always taught my clients what to do, but more important “how to” do it. How to operate from: “If it’s to be it’s up to me,” is to declare (think, and speak to yourself) in any situation the statement: “I don’t know what it will look like but I’ll…….!” The ……. being whatever you want the outcome to be in that situation. If it’s selling to another, if it’s having a great marriage, if it’s earning the money you want to earn, if it’s being in shape, whatever you want to create, it’s up to you to create. Not the economy, not the government, not your spouse, not the prospect or client, not anyone or anything outside of you. It’s up to YOU!


That it’s up to you is the good news. It’s the good news because you are in control of what you create in spite of what the circumstances are. When you are not in control is when you let yourself be the effect of the circumstances, or another word we can use is victim to the circumstances. Being the effect or victim of something or someone gives up your Power to that something or someone. When I speak of Power I’m not speaking of it as if your thumb was on the something or someone, I’m speaking of the Power that was given to you by the Creator. When you are coming from “It’s up to me” you’re taking back your Power. From that place of Power is where you create your goals, dreams and desires; and guess who it’s up to?


Start today to operate from, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” Create within you the POWER to COME FROM and manifest the “feeling” of you being in control of the outcomes of your life rather than life being in control of the outcomes of your life. Every situation, every circumstance of your life can be approached by you from the standpoint of being in control or being victim. CHOOSE CONTROL!! After all, who’s it up to?