The greatest sales training you’ll ever receive is to learn how to sell yourself on doing what will have you attain your goals. Most sales trainings teach you techniques to have your prospects take action on their goals. That’s important, but not as important as you learning to sell yourself on taking action on your goals.


At every moment of your sales day you are at a choice point, especially if you’re planning your sales day to be top heavy in sales activities. Which you should be! Activities like: Calling your leads for appointments, asking for referrals, calling your power partners for names of people you can assist, calling past clients, going to networking events, using the 3 foot rule of sales, etc. When you get to the designated time to do your prospecting, and your prospecting times NEED to be designated just like any other important appointment you have, you are at a point when your sales training is going to come into play. You will either sell yourself on doing what needs to be done to create your income goals or you’ll sell yourself on not doing it.

Selling Yourself Into Action

The Sales Training I teach is to sell yourself into doing what needs to be done at the moment you said you would do it. In my DVD, Stay On Top Of The Sales Game, available at, and how I teach my Coaching clients to take the effective prospecting action is to start talking yourself into taking effective actions. You could start convincing yourself that by taking action you will: “Contribute to another with your product or service. You will create the money goals to help your family with a great lifestyle. You will feel better by doing what you said you would do. You will be practicing habits that take you to your goals,” etc. Rather than convincing yourself to not take the effective prospecting actions by telling yourself: “I don’t want to get rejected. I don’t want to be told no. They won’t be interested in my product or service I’m not good enough to sell to someone. I don’t want to bother them. If they were interested they would call me. I have other things to do. I’ll do it later,” etc.

Checking In

The way to see if your sales training is working for you, is to see if you are taking the amount of actions that will have your income goals be realized. If you’re not attaining your sales goals, you are not taking the actions consistent with your goals. If you want to attain your goal you NEED to sell yourself on taking the equivalent actions to manifest all of what you want. When you sow (prospect) abundantly, you will reap (sell) abundantly! When you sow (prospect) sparingly, you will reap (sell) sparingly! That’s a natural Law of the Universe called the Law of Sowing and Reaping!


Start practicing your sales training NOW and at every point you said you would do what you said you would do. When you come to the allotted time to take actions on your sales goals, “just start” to take the first action, then take the next action, then the next and so on and you WILL create your sales goals.