Let’s talk about fun and joy. From where could one create fun and joy? Could one create fun and joy at an amusement park, on vacation, at the beach, at a party? No not from any of these places. Where fun and joy, for that matter any emotion is created is within you, not outside of you. What do I mean by within you? I mean within your thoughts and conversations. Yes your thoughts and conversations. That is where everything you experience outside of you first takes place, within your thoughts and conversations. You observe an event or situation and then you “make up” a thought or conversation about the event or situation. That thought or conversation can either give you joy and fun or it can give you something that may cause you to experience a more negative emotion. For example, vacations are advertised to be relaxing and happy or something similar to that. Yet when I see people on vacation I don’t always see all these people out there being relaxed and happy. They may be complaining about the costs. They may be complaining about the long lines at the airport. They may be complaining about the cost of food, they may be complaining about the hotel etc. If happiness were created outside of us, all we have to do is find a happy vacation place and then we’d be happy. Not so. Where we need to look for that happy place is within us. Joy within will create happiness outside.


Joy and fun just don’t happen we need to work at it. We need to constantly fill our thoughts and conversations with joyful material. We need to focus on and observe the things and people that bring joy into our lives. We need to observe conversations and thoughts of joy.


You have the choice of how you create your life by where you come from. Not where you come from like Buffalo New York; where you come from regarding how you declare your life to be. Come from is where you operate from, your core observations and conversations. Your way of being will create a come from by what you consistently tell yourself. Joy is a come from. You create Joy by consistently observing joyful thoughts and conversations. In order to have a joyful life on a consistent basis you need to observe joyful thoughts and conversations on a consistent basis. When you sow joyful thoughts and conversations you will reap joy in your life. When you sow negative burdensome thoughts and conversations you will reap negative burdensome outcomes in your life. Whatever you want in the future you have to experience in the present moment by your thoughts which create your feelings, which create your point of attraction.


We all have things in our lives that we like and we all have things in our lives that we don’t like. That’s a given. Where we need to place our focus is on the things we like. What we focus on will have us attract more of. Focus on what you like, attract more things you will like. Focus on things you don’t like, you will attract more things you don’t like. You have the POWER of choice, choose thoughts and feelings that create joy within, and happiness in your life will follow. Try it, you’ll LOVE it!!!