How to be a Success Coach!
Are you a salesperson who has gotten a bit burned out in your occupation and have thought of a change? How about being a Success Coach? My name is Clement Pepe and I’ve been a Success Coach since 1992, helping my clients attain outstanding results in the areas of their lives that are important to them. Areas like: Their business, their income, their relationships, their health and fitness, their spiritual walk or whatever else they deemed as important.
I’m now teaching others how to become a Success Coach. Through Power Technology Coaching Academy, I’ve designed a course to give you the tools, techniques, practices and principles I’ve used over the last 27 years that have produced fantastic results for my clients and have afforded me a very successful life.
The course is set up to specifically teach you the method I created and use, and included in the course is a free coaching segment to kick-start your new career once the course is completed.
If you’re interested in finding out more about this exceptional offer contact me at or go to

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps starting you on an exciting, new prosperous career.
Clement Pepe, Success Coach