How often have you heard or even thought of Sales as something that could be construed as negative? Over the years you have probably formed an opinion of sales or sales people, and some of them might be negative opinions. Opinions like: “Sales people are not ethical. They only think of themselves. You can’t trust them. They don’t have my best interest at heart, etc.” If that’s what your conversation is about sales and you’re in sales, and who isn’t, you probably are creating a quandary. A quandary is when you want to attain something and another thought or conversation is pulling you in the opposite direction of that something you want to attain; it creates a state of perplexity or uncertainty. For example: If you are in sales and you have a negative conversation or outlook on sales, you will always have something pulling at you that will diminish your power to attain your goals. These quandaries are not usually conscious to us, they are usually unconscious to us, yet they are debilitating us from operating at 100% of our power. Another example could be that you think others have the same negative reaction to sales people and that puts you in an inferior position (unconsciously) when you are interacting with these people. Especially if your PERCEIVED thought of negative as relating to sales or sales person lines up with your negative PERCEIVED thought of what you think another has about sales or sales person.


Can we overcome this quandary situation? Of course we can! Just as we can overcome ANY of the situations in our career that are not working for us. Not working meaning, they get in the way or hinder our SUCCESS. How we overcome this quandary situation, is to create a NEW definition of sales or sales person. The old definition (negative) moved you away, or slowed you down from creating your goals. We NEED to “make up” definitions or meanings that are positive (moves you toward, and speeds up creating your goals). From here on in I want you to have a NEW definition of sales, enrollment or sales person. The new definition is: “A sales person helps others do something for their HIGHEST good.” Not our highest good, their highest good. You NEED to keep telling yourself, over and over again that what you do is for THEIR highest good and you NEED to make sure you are doing the best for them, and your sales will multiply tremendously and the number of people you are assisting with your product or service will multiply tremendously.


What most people are interested in is what’s in it for them. That’s not bad, wrong or anything. It just is. Because it just is, you need to focus on them, not on you. When you focus on them and how you can assist them in reaching their goals through your product of service, you will be more willing to stay with them to have them make the decision to buy from you. When you focus on you regarding how they might perceive you. How you might be coming off as pushy. How you might get rejected, etc. will stop you from being with them in a way to have them see the value of what you’re presenting. As Zig Zigler said, “Help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.” Make it about assisting others regarding their needs, wants and desires. Form a positive stance regarding selling and you will attain your goals!